Truly Amazed by You!

In Conversation with my Father

Good morning Father!

Good morning My child! How are you today?

Father, I’m well. I’m so thankful for You… I feel Your nearness.

I’m glad My child. I love you and I’m near to you.

Lord, I’m in awe of Your beauty. Everything You’ve created is a reflection of You!

You are right My child. Come and rest in Me. Just like you hold your children in your arms as they need your closeness, I also pour My love into you as you rest in Me. This is how you know My love for you. Your identity is in Me. By resting in Me is how I fill you with My Peace and Soundness of mind. All that you are and need is found in Me alone, for you are My creation – I have made you this way. You have a righteous and Holy identity because you are My child; you are Mine, and I have given you much worth.

Father, thank-you that You pour of Yourself into me as we spend time together. To be in Your presence is worth more to me than the sleep I give up every morning. What I have gained in Your presence is immeasurable. To be in Your presence is truly an honour, and I thank-you for always meeting with me.

You’re welcome My daughter! I love you. Enjoy the presence of My love that fills and surrounds you at this moment.

Thank-you Father! I see Your love and mighty power in all You have made. I am truly amazed by You! I love You Dad!

I love you too My daughter! (sweet embrace)