A Shattered Cup

In Conversation with my Father

Good morning Father!

Good morning My child. How are you today?

I’m well Father, thank-you. I’m already soaking in Your presence, resting in You. Your presence is so full of Peace!

Yes My daughter, enjoy this gift. It is through My Joy and Peace that you are able to enjoy My presence and love for you. To enjoy My presence is to enjoy My perfect love for you.

Jesus, You are so Holy…Your standards are so Righteous!

This is how I want you to live My daughter. Don’t live by worldly standards and expectations –live by My standards. You’ve been called to live a Holy life. Your purpose is in Me. Seek Me above all else and listen when I call; as I lead you and you follow Me step by step, you are walking in My calling for you.

You are my Shepherd Jesus. The longer I follow closely after you, the more I know Your love for me.

My daughter, you are Mine and I hold you in the palm of My loving hand.

Father, You make me whole. You are my husband, father, mother, sister, brother, and friend. In you Lord, all my righteous longings are met. You know how to fill all the small and large gaps where my heart is yet wanting, where the enemy has had the chance to take away from me.

You are what my heart needs in order to be restored. There is no brokenness You cannot heal. Come and mend every crack in my cup, for I want to be filled by you. I want to set before You a beautiful display of mended and royal tea-cups, ready to be used by You! Let the mended cracks in my cup shine bright with Your healing so I can be a light in this dark world.

My daughter, come and rest in Me. Your cup was shattered…you had no hope. You were in survival mode when I lifted you up and out of the sinking sand. I rescued you and have given you a new life, a new song to sing! Because your cup was broken, it could not hold much water. Step by step you’ve allowed Me to heal your brokenness. My strength is made PERFECT in weakness!

Thank-you Lord for doing so much work in me! You are my God, my Shepherd in whom I’ve learned to trust. You have brought me so far away from this brokenness…I wonder how much more brokenness is in my heart that I’m not yet aware of?

I thank-you Lord that what the enemy intended for evil and destruction, You have turned it into good. This brokenness has made me cry out to You! I am more in love with You now than I think I would have been if I hadn’t needed You so desperately! Thank-you for drawing me close to Your loving heart.

You’re welcome. ❤️