I Will Always Help You!

In Conversation with my Father

Heavenly Father, I wait on You today in quietness and trust.

My faithful one, come and rest in Me, for I am well pleased with you.

Lord, I trust in You, but I’m a bit anxious about work today even though I know it will go well. I also feel an unrest in my stomach…it’s hard to go to work this way.

My daughter, remember that I am always with you. When you face the day with My strength, strong character and reliability grows within you. Depend on Me for your source of strength, and trust Me that I will always help you.

Thank-you Lord. I want to do my best with everything You’ve asked me to do. You always give me Your best when You fill me with Your joy, Your peace, and Your love. You also have the best plan for me and my life. I want to be like You and do my best for You and for others, but I want You to fill my cup, not those around me. In all my ways I acknowledge You, for You direct my path.

I am well pleased with you My daughter. You have put Me in the highest place of your heart, and this is right, for I am your God, your ever-present help in trouble.

Thank-you Lord. I feel more prepared for the day ahead. I love You!

I love you too.