May 26 -You Are My Disciple

Good morning Lord!

Good morning My faithful one.

Lord, You are the one who sits on the throne forever, in heaven and in my heart. I am unworthy of this great honour. I worship You because this is what I was created to do. This is my ultimate purpose.

My daughter, it is My good pleasure to sit on the throne in your heart. I hold out My sceptre to you. I have loosened your tongue so you are able to speak with Me. Come into My presence, for it is with joy that I receive you. I delight in you.

Father, how great is Your mercy; how awesome are Your deeds of old! How ancient You are. Your wisdom and love are great. Your forgiveness runs deep. Great is You faithfulness!

My faithful daughter, how beautiful you are! How pure your dance before My eyes. I have given you a new song to sing before Me. Come and fill My throne room with your song.

My daughter, how sweet are the tears that fall from your eyes…come here so I can hold you close to My heart. You are Mine forever!

Father, there is nothing I desire more than You. Thank-you Holy Spirit for filling me with Your Holy presence. Jesus You are the light of hope in my heart and a light unto my path. Expose every corner in my heart that wants to stay in the dark. I want every place in my heart to be transparent before you. Thank-you for exposing these areas one step at a time so that I will not be overwhelmed and come into the danger of putting up a front.

Come My faithful one, lets walk on our journey together. Hold My hand so you don’t trip and fall.

Jesus, walking with You is a pure pleasure! How dare anything come against us? I guess they will try because they don’t have wisdom. I wish I could have been with You when You walked the earth. I can imagine myself sitting on the grass by Your feet as You taught the disciples.

You are My disciple Caroline. I love teaching you as you eagerly listen to hear My voice. I love you, and I love our relationship.

My heart is content when I’m with You Jesus. I love You too. Can I have Your blessing for the day?

Yes My daughter, it’s yours!