April 19

Good morning Father!

Good morning Caroline! How are you today?

I’m well Lord, for You are with me, and I’m blessed beyond measure by Your goodness!

I’m blessed too my love, because you have made time for Me again.

Father, this quiet and early hour with You each day is by far the best time of my day.

My daughter, I am always with you, and I will help you be aware of My presence throughout this day.

Thank-you Lord.

You are so welcome my daughter.

Jesus, You showed me the other night that I am on a winding and difficult road, but my travel was smooth like on a train. I saw the enemy a little ways off, going just as fast as me, but he couldn’t get to me. He’s in pursuit of destroying me and our intimate relationship. At the end of my dream I was in some kind of shelter, stuck, but You Lord had captured him while You were defending me. I am in the shelter that You’ve provided for me during this time when I’m not moving forward, right in the middle of the jungle. You also showed me the vehicle that You want me to take from there. It was on the other side of the door, which was open a bit. Help me to get unstuck and into that vehicle, but I also don’t want to get into the drivers seat because I don’t know the way You want me to go! You drive Jesus -lead me in the way You want me to go.

My daughter, you are right with everything you said. It is with joy that I help you, for I am your defender! Come and take My hand. Let’s walk out of this room and keep going on our journey?

Yes Jesus. I’m overwhelmed by Your goodness to me. I feel like You are treating me with such honour and dignity. I know I am important to You.

Caroline, you are important to Me. You are My princess and are held in high esteem. My grace is made perfect in weakness.

Father, I am weak. I need to follow You because You are my security and strength!

In this way my daughter, you have been made strong because of your determination to stay close to Me.

Lord, I do follow You with determination because I am safest when I stay close to You!

My daughter, you have grown in your resiliency, and I’m proud of you for keeping hard after Me.

Dad, I give You the credit for this because when I wanted to quit, You wouldn’t let me do it! Of course You always give me free will, but You have shown me Your glory in so many ways that I cannot let go of Your hand.

That’s right my child.

Father, please continue to fill me with Your glorious presence! I cannot live one day without You!

I’m glad My love! I bless you today.

Thank-You Father -I love You!

I love you too my child! (Loving embrace)