Your Steady Gaze

In Conversation with my Father

Good morning Lord!

Good morning My daughter! How are you today?

Lord, I’m exhausted. I feel like I’m half asleep!

I’m proud of you for getting up at your usual time today My daughter.

I need to Lord. Even though I’m so tired, I cannot miss our time together. Hot meals are so much more satisfying than food that is meant to be eaten hot, but has cooled off.

You are right. Come here and rest with Me today My child.

Thank-you Lord. I can just imagine hearing Your heartbeat as I’m resting my head on Your shoulders. It’s so comforting!

I’m glad My daughter (smile). I love holding you in My arms like you love holding your children in your arms. I love our conversations, and I love watching you grow in the things I’m leading you into.

Jesus, I love Your steady gaze on me as I’m following Your lead. I love being in Your presence as I’m teaching my children about You, and I love hearing Your patient responses to my words. I really do feel like a child next to You!

I’m glad My daughter; this is how it should be. Our relationship has grown a lot since you first started getting up early to spend time with Me.

Lord, I know this is true, and I give You the credit because You have gotten me out of bed so many times. You have taught me how to be resilient in getting up early to be with You!

I’m glad I’m so important to you Caroline. I love you!

I love You too Dad!